Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Momma went ta wash sum clothes a Wednesday ago. Tha washer filled and then…nuthin. She thawt it had died after filling. Beans thawt well just great and were bailing tha water out down tha sink. They had ta wait until tha weekend when they had sum tyme and went washer/dryer shopping.

They have always wanted ta get me a see thru top washer since I have a water craziness. I see it and my eyes glaze over, my head tilts and I hafe ta slap it, slap it. They think ill lose my mind.

 But beans were also in a rush, wanting a set that kuld be delivered that weekend and all. They found one set but the lid wasn’t see thru. they thawt well we will get Bladey one wiff a see thru lid next year, when we have tha tyme to take and get that. Tha set was ta be delivered Saturday.

Sissy woked up Saturday morning, had an epiphany and went and took the can opener (its small) to a nearby outlet in the laundry room and it worked so she plugged washer cord into that outlet. Wallaah tha washer camed on. It was the outlet not the washer. So they cancelled the new set from being delivered and were back to using ours and the electrician is coming to look at the outlet.

And now beans can take thar tyme and get me a see thru lid washer later this year. Thar eggsyted ta see me get dizzy watching tha clothes…..Bladey


Mark's Mews (Ayla, Marley, and Laz) said...

A see-through washer machine? That would be WILD!

Brian said...

Well that was very creative and way less expensive!!