Sunday, January 06, 2013

mousey eared piper

Bloggers acting weird and wont let us upload from our picture folder. Heres a shot of me from the past.

Late Friday nyte I got a hematoma in my left ear. beans tuk me ta tha vet saturday morning were they gafe me a pain shot and anti inflammation shot and discussed me hafing surgery Monday mornin, the vet wont do surgery on tha weekend. when they checked my ears owt though, sissy held me, and i bite her, and held tha bite. sissy held me, but screeched out (loudly fur thawhole office ta hear, thru a shut door "oooohhhh sshhh" and caught herself in tyme ta watch her language).  when she pried her finger out, she had 3 cuts on that finger.

i tried ta type with tha vet on her keyboard, klimbt tha wall, beans had ta hold onto me after all that.

i must explain that when Taylor got sick last November (2012) I hafe been coming out of my shell and not bein all crazzzy, hiding. Ife been a normal cat girl. lifes werth living.

Beans thought this might make me crazzy but so far, im stayin out sill.

so sissys dropping me off in tha morning ta hafe me get a mousey ear.

hopefully ill come back home still normal, but wiff a mouse ear, and not go crazzy.

im just now furgifing tha beans fur taking me ta tha vet in 2009.....Piper

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Mark's Mews (Ayla, Marley, and Laz) said...

We hope blogger is werking good for you soon.