Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Tool Time Tyson

This past weekend tha beans had tha handyman here installing some fans. The other kitties stayed away, Blade slunk himself down and went and hid fur hours ("stranger danger" he yelled) but I sat beside tha guy and learnt how to do electrical stuff. Beans hafe some more fans thayre replacing, and I said fur them to cancel him and I'd put them up. I think I got it. Im a gud learner. Momma always sasys pup Randy smells like a mechanic, so I thought Saturday morning Id head outside with him to learn how to werk on cars, the beans were startled as Ive never tried to go out before and momma catched me immediately and got me back in. Im trying to be handy. I thought since Randy smelled like a mechanic he was one. Beans now calling me Tool Time......Tyson

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