Thursday, June 26, 2014

yesterday tha beans were in tha kic=tchen waiting for dinner to be done and since we pups had been in and out, momma looked out tha window and saw Randy running down tha street, beans hadn't redone the gate chain so no one couldn't open it even if they tried, after tha guy werked on tha deck this past weekend. She went flying out after him and basically shoved sissy aside, she was just trying to get to Randy and Sissy was in tha doorway...but as sissy said, Randys right here behind you. And Roxie too. But SIssy thought what other yorkie could it be.... Sasha from down tha street. A very sweet southern gurl that is too nice and cowed for her own good. She went running out. Beans follow dog down tha street and momma hollars "little dog" well that was Gussies name before beans found out his name was Gus. And where did tha pup say was his home...Gussies old house. His old owners moved years ago. Momma realized this was an older pup, much older than Randy and from Sissy that Randy and Roxie are inside. And Sissy realized it was a boy, not Sasha. His owner came out and beans told her he was out. The owner got him in.  Quite an evening. Sissy thought momma was funny knocking her down to get to imaginary Randy. Randy said it looked like him in about 15 years.

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