Tuesday, May 19, 2015

beans be loco

Well just like Kukka Maria, I was able to dash out in tha backyard again, at 10:30pm on Sunday. One of the deck lights was out also. Mamma mumbled as i darted past her. Sissy camed flying. It was raining some. I ran down the deck steps, around the latice of the under deck and back up the deck steps. Buuuut I saw I could go under the deck at the steps. Beans tried to let the dogs under to flush me out as they both covered a set of steps. Dogs went under and hung out. I would get close to let the beans see me buuut not catch me. Sissy was laying on the pavers with her check on the steps looking under. after 30 minutes, sissy said "enough of this" and pulled some latice out to crawl under after me, on her belly. I was attracted to the noise and went to see and she snatched me thru the lattice and just kept pulling unwilling to let go. Lattice popped as she kept pulling me. Momma came over to get me and sissy got up and came in behind me. Water bottles are now kept at the doors and beans call me "powder" as my days of sunlight are over, they tease. Im now back to sucking up to get back in their graces.....Tyson