Friday, August 18, 2006


ohhh boy sherbies here (pics to follow soon) and she was a good kitty and broughted some toys to play wiff (jack) and some tasty stinky goodnees. it wased dewicious. fanks furry much mom robyn and gree pepi sanjee boni & mini ( she is a welcome additional to the zoo and the ofur poods are putting there rubs on her now. she evened had adoption papers, so its formal.
fanks furry much
wes well posted pictures soon.


Hot(M)BC said...

YAY! We's furry glad Sherbie got there safe. Please give her headbutts from us. We can't wait to see pikshurs.

Rosie & Cheeto said...

Yeaaa, put pichturs up asap!! Concatsullatshuns on yer new addition. :-)

Anonymous said...

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