Friday, September 29, 2006

Ohh buggies:

This is a glorious time of the year. Its getting cold outside which makes us frisky and also it makes the buggies want to come in, but the sisfur spoils all the fun. She effer makes them go back outside or she kills them or if theys already dead, she frows them away. But shes funny vough acause she screams about the buggies and if theys running aound she moved furrinature to get to fem.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

terrible news

go here derby informed us that Ullrich has passed to the Bridge.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Ohhh boy, baby was up on the top of our playground (sisfur: from wal-mart, tent like 2 story condo with 2 hammocks attached) and jumped onto the top hammock and the whole thing went flippy and flipped ofur wiff baby on it. Oh soo exciting. Nefur tought to do that wiff it. Im gonna try that next. Gotta go, my turn. ----Blade

Monday, September 25, 2006

Yaaaa little Luna’s back home. A little skinnier and scruffier but at least she’s home and safe. That’s all that matters. Go here to see her story.

On the home front, Blade was a wild boy this weekend. He pounced Benoit and made him squeal in fright and hafta fight. He was soo upset & then he pounced Molly. She was all a hissing. Blade got a spanking and a 10 minute time out. He was all a sulking and scuttling about.
Yaaaa little Luna’s back home after a month lost. It is truly a miracle. Go here to read her story.

Go to her bloggy and wish her well.

Going on here at home, Blade pounced Benoit and they fought and Benoit squealed in fright fighting back and when Blade was pulled off Benoit he attacked Molly. She was hissing and fighting back too. Blade was put in time out for 10 minutes and received a spanking too. When he came out he was all sulking and scuttling around. He knew he did wrong. He was a very upset kitty.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Little rocky checking in…. I survived yesterday. Salem slept the day away under the desk and I hid in the closet until sisfur gotted home. Not the best day…but I lived. Sisfur pologized and said it’ll never happen again. Good. i bitted her cheek several times in a love bit to let her know I forgive her.

Any puppy lovers in Pennsylvania please read this here blog furry important for woofies & poodies that we should never be neglected. No animal should live on a chain.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

our woofies brofurs and our bean sisfur. gus is all up in sisfurs lap & jd is the pup on the deck.
Shhh be berry berry quiet. This is rocky. The peeps put me benoit or salem in the office by ourselves to let us have alone time during the day while theyre at werk. Me or salem can be in here wiff benny but not me & salem togever. No offur poods are lowed in here. Well guess what. I didn’t know it but all free of us isid in here togever today. Sisfur didn’t know salem wasd in here when she put me in. salems under the desk right now asleep & hopefully shell stay that way. Im gonna hide in a cubby in the closet and listen to the clock ticks until they get home fis afternoon.

Monday, September 18, 2006

ahh life doesnt get any better than laying in the window with a cool breeze going by watching the birds in the yard. ----salem

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Little rocky here. I’s just gotta say I don’t know why that mean ole salem hates me. She has since I gotted here 6 years ago. Yes I am a hip baby and ny feet never touch the ground. I love being carried and am a sweet little girl to meowmy. She mad acause they told her that acause she wasn’t very loving they wased gonna get a cat who was. Then they camed home wiff me & my brofurs. She likes them. Just not me. Yes I am very loving like the beans want but so isid my brofurs. She just don’t like me cause im the next oldest girl to her. If youll a’cuse me im gonna go cry now.

skeeter & lc

weve tried to post a comment to your blog on the match game but you cant leave a comment without being a team member (?). we want you to know we read you every day but we cant leave comments.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

salem here

my meowmy isid maad at me an i dont efen know why. all i did was sneaked into to the office and hide. and then she put whend sisfur putted rocky in the room (ohh i hate her sooo much) (shes a suk up) and waited to sisfur went back out and then bam and whap whap whap. i was banging rocky head into the wall and she was all ascreaming "sisfur sisfur" and i said no one can help you now you little suk up then sisfur comed running in and i ran back into the closet and looked at her and said "what i dont know why rocky was screaming an dis now crying, i think shes a tittiebaby" and sisfur popped my butt (not nice) and took rocky back our. what its my house. i was here first.

Friday, September 08, 2006

sorry no pictures yet of sherbie. we tooked some but the flashy on the camera wased dead. so wi had to replace it and taked more pictures. shes having a good time wiff herbie our offur stiff kitty that camed from the kroger clan.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

we continue to light the candle for luna to guide her way home

For Steve Irwin