Monday, October 30, 2006

This weekend

Ohhh little Piper here and its time to pay the Piper.
Ahhh but seriously folks…. I had a blasty weekend. It was grocery weekend so plenty of bags to play in. then on the Sunday meowmy maded biscuits and eggs and I ated a egg biscuit. It was gooood too. had one all to my little selph. They kept calling me biscuit head all day too. I Then for supper they haded piggyburger, hey is phat right (sisfur: no pip its was hamburgers) well same phang. And French fries. Don’t know why theyre called French fries. I never heard them speak. But I stole some fries and ated them. Theys good. I putted my paw on one ind to hold it and ripped eated it.
Then later awn last night I was playing wiff meowmy and she said I was hurting her wiff my claws and all and sisfur said no claws so I putted my claws up and kept playing. Then when I started being bitey sisfur said no teefies and so I quit that too. I gummed meowmy good though. They said I was a very smart poodie. then i went and gotted eeyore and went to bed to sleepytime.

Friday, October 27, 2006

frisky friday

molly & ivory on top the screen

Thursday, October 26, 2006

tummy thursday

me (salem) and my slave (sisfur) . looky at my hairy & purretty belly. and my big bunny feet.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

dread pirate blogger

cant read any blogs today. they arent coming up.
oh boy we gotted a new peice for kitty city this weekend. somebody was saling their yard and had a carpeted tower wiff steps going to the top and a bed spot on top for $15 dollars and so they gotted it. wes loves it. we can lay on the steps ( the go around spirally) and on the top.

and acourse salem still hasnt gotten outty her new cradle as far as we can see. she did takey out the green blanket sisfur put in ti and wanted her pinky blanket stead.

our squrrallys were laying on the bench on the deck today gettin some sun. we lined up to watchum. and birds went flutter flutter flutter around the bird feeders.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Derbys party

wes tried to go to Derbys paaarrrty this weekend but blogger wouldnt let us attend. we went posted comments and poof they disappeared.

midnight monday

a teenage picture of blade. he's the one looking right at the camera

Friday, October 20, 2006

formerly feral friday

sisfur; this is blade. we found him at my brothers work as a stray. he was the only one and his mother was hit by a car and died. he was a tiny little terror. my mother went to try to catch him and he scratched her good across the face several times, hence the name. he got away. but we kept putting cat food and frozen water (dead heat of summer) and the day we got shawn rocky and steven (only cats from a man who said that he would drown them if we didnt take them) my brother called and said guess who is sitting in front of me on the desk. he brought blade home and blade was scared of those 3 (thought they were mice cause they were so little) and tried to get away. after 2 days under the bed he came out and socialized and hung with the other cats. he took care of them although he is only 1 week older than them.
hes the best ole cat and is now 6 years old. we call him blado and he knows how to open inside doors and is happy to be here. we play the bingo name game with his name b l a d o and he knows it well. and he loves his chicken too.

cats in the cradle, and wont get out

That ole sisfur finished off the last of the pot pie today. I tried to help her eat it, id try to stick my head in there, so she kept her food covered up while eating it, but I relly wanted some. But to be fair after each bowl she ate on this week shed let me finish off what was left. I gotted to licky the gravy and all. It was all the way good. and shes said shed make more soon and shes making biggie pots o stew and goulash and chili this weekend for the upcoming week, im gonna hafe to try to try some. And meowmy madedboiled cabbage and beans and it was stinky cooking an all but, there was cabbage she didn’t cook left over to give to the rabbits that come frew our yard. Wes like them. Theys our furriends.

Big ole butt Salem hasn’t gotten her but up out of the new cradle at all. She sleeps in it all the tyme. She has her blankie and her baby doll in there so there where she stays. Shes not a sharer. And sisfur said that at the yard sale they gotted the new cradle there was a kitty size beddy wiff pink comforter (kitty size) and a little brass headboard. Shes said she shouldve gotten it too ( soo boff of um, and is all kicking herself now. I feel like kicking her too. I fink im gonna hafe to start going along on the sales of yards and pointing out what I want and soupervising. Then ill come home and eat soup…..Bladeo

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Chick hen pot pie and the weekend

Oh boy, the girls (meowm & sisfur) maded a chick hen pot pie and a lot of it. They shared some of it wiff us. Its good. the gravies chickhen gravy so its deeelicious.

We gotted a baby bassinet this weekend fromd a yard sale. Salem claimed it as her own and hasd a blanket in it and now sleeps in it darkly.we haves a bigger cradle too in the office where rocky and benoit sleep at dark. Two kitties can get in it. It has crocheted blankets and a little quilt. It was a baby doll one of the sisfurs granny got her when she was little.

We all gotted flee stuff putted on us ofur the weekend too. Babys mad his hair is spiked up in that spot. Salem and snow (the alphas) drooled all ofur the sisfur while getting it put on them. And salem was all hissy too. The woofs gotted groomed and jd shook and gussie tried to put the bite on meowmy when she shaved his legs. He has feet issues. So no more peet flees for us.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Friday, October 13, 2006

new baby ginger kitten at jojos & daddys girls blogs. go say hey everybody.

Frisky Friday

Piper & Flair(peeper) playing wiff a dolly.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A naturally formed Rainbrow Bridge exists in the United State, in southern Utah. It is not surprising that this glorious bridge is held sacred by Native American cultures.

praying for a furriend in need

paws are crossed for Butterscotch and his meowmy Karen and his sibling Frisky. Butterscotch may be going to the Rainbow Bridge later today at the VET. Butterscotch is a senoir poodie who hasnt been doing well. go here to visit his site.

Update: Poor Butterscotch died this afternoon at 3:16 CST. Please encourage all pets at the Bridge to escort him accross.
Were very sorry for him & his family.

Artist: Shawn Michaels Farewell Lyrics (WWE)
Song: Tell Me A Lie Lyrics

I've known you all my life
At least that's how it seems
Never known another way
Living out on a dream
Now I know you're leaving me and I'll never understand
Before I let you walk away, I have one last demand

Tell me a lie and say that you won't go
Look in my eyes and hold me even though
I realize you had to walk away
No more yesterday

You always were my angel
Flying high above
Always looking out for me
Angel that I love
But now my dreams are fadin like age-old photographs
That hurt too much to look at now, remind us of our past

Tell me a lie and say that you won't go
Look in my eyes and hold me even though
I realize you had to walk away
No more yesterday

Maybe we could stay together
Maybe it could last forever
Maybe if you just tell me a lie
Maybe then, we'll never say goodbye

Monday, October 09, 2006

ohh poor sisfur has beend sick all weekend wiff signus i tus and we have been laying on her to make her feel better. but she is moving to much in the bed (she says to breff better) and its driving us crazy. and she plays a trumpet too, we dont see it but hear it. must be little too since she hides it wiff a tissue to her nose when playing it. crazzzy beans.

Friday, October 06, 2006

this is us all together looking at the squirral on our deck. its not the best picture but you can really see the squirral and our ears. we wish we had a slider door so we could look out better but we don't.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Doesd any offur kitties out there have woofies that wove them? And lick on them?? I do. JD Woofie has been a following me around and he like me all the time. And im such a vocal little boy he can always find me. He does give me some space sometimes and night he sleeps in a different room wiff the door shut, but he is always loving on me. Its weird, I fink…..Flair Poodie

Monday, October 02, 2006

chick hen

Anoffur story also, whend the moewmy maded chick hen last night she made a mistake and left the room fur a minute. She had cooked 5 pieces. Whend she camed back there was only three there. She asked around the cats and then saw blado sitting the the laundry room floor wiff the chick hen in the floor and his paws on top of is and he was pulling off some chick hen. And yes the meowly did cook 2 extra pieces for the household babies, he had gotten the biggest pieces. He has a horrible pattern of this. He is not to be trusted around chick hen. The ofur cats were watching him and learn bad behaviour from him. Thats how she founded him. And then he wonders why he isn’t left in charge when the leave…….salem

(that’s blades picture to in our profile)


Gus the woofie had to go to the evil vet acause he won’t let his nails be cut. He had to be all muzzled up to get it done. Then he gotted to go to the stores and shop then he gotted to go to the crystals and gotted a crystal and fries and a water to drink. J.D. wasd glad to see him comed home but was upset that he got to go.

And…..a closet monster was in salem the cats closet. She wouldn’t go into her closet room at all, just laid outside looking in at the monster.