Thursday, November 30, 2006

Vibrating Bed

I, Baby Cat, founded in the top of sisfurs closet a vibrating bed for us. Its up there wiff the heated & vibrating chair cover. Its for her to put her feets in and it turns on & massages her feets but as I discovered when I was up there that if is lay on it it turns on an masseges me. i climbs up the levoured doors real fast. Ahhh.. a penthouse apt wiff massageing bed, what more could a kitty want….Baby

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

this is a picture of baby (grey tabby) and herbie & sherbie (squillion)
on the leopard print luxury condo. sherbies inside, herbies at the scratching post and babys on top.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Fanksgiving weekend.

We haded a good tyme. We gots lotsa table food and our own pieces of turkey then shutted in the living room whyle meowmy & sisfur ated in the dining room. Then the boy and his woman camed ofur and we all ascared hided round the house. They lefted and we camed out ageen. We basically laid around all weekend. Momma and sisfur aints all crazy getting up early afore the birdies to shop. They slept in. they feded the byrds & squirrels good and all. Ofur the weekend foe they cleaned the gutters, cutted the flowery bushes (crepe myrtles) washed the cars and mulched up the leaves. They gotted the owtside stuff done. Theys owtside for furever that day. They rested sunday and the boy camed back ofur wiff his woman and (boy is he crazy, hes a ruffneck) and watched the ppv wiff guys in underwear doing what we do all the tyme for free. And the paid for this. Theys all yelling at the tv and we stayed up until 10 pm and ated popcorn. Wes so happy theys back at werk now so we can rest good…..Salem

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Have a happy turkey day everybody. Eat
and nap alot.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

photo: sherbie & herbie in the tent. the black & white cat is piper and the big orange cat is raven(rey rey)

Um this morning, sisfur wasd waching the kitchen trash can out in the rain room. Its all too cold to use the hose owtside. When she wasd all done an stuff an washing the rain room owt I jumped in to enspext and halp and yoo you know what she did, whil I’s still in there she made the rain come on. I goteed all wet and scambled like an egg trying to get owt. I don’t fink its funny at all. It was mean. Bad sissy bad bad bad. No im crying whyle drying myself off…..Blade

In a not at all related story, little Rocky gets everyfing she wants. Shes a spoiled little girl. Why just this weekend, efun though she has turtle nightlight, she gotted a new one too, it’s a Tinkerbell nightlight. They gotted it at the dollar tree for a dollar but still she gets eferyfing. Yeah I gotted a cradle an all but she does too an hers is bigger. Yeah mines better but I’s older and the alpha.

Thursday, November 16, 2006


In my room(where is sleep at night) (the office) theres gotta be a ghosty. Momma wasd in there last night cleaning and shes wiping the walls wiff bleach water. It gotted stinky in there and sisfur camed in and tooked me and steven out an made momma open the window. It doesn’t have a screen so we cant be in there when its open. Momma putted the biggie fan on the desk (very wide) so itd draw some fresh air in. when she went back in at my bedtime to shut the widow she called sisfur. The fan was on when theys left the room but it was in the floor off and was torn up too. The front piece was off in the floor abd the blade piece (not my brofur Blade) was near that. And the fan was laying on my turtle nightlight but the glass cover wasn’t brokey. It’s a mystery. Momma said she was spooked and felt eerie. And my ceiling in there glows at night acause some previous owner of our house putted glowy stuff in the paint they painted on the ceiling. Its all the way cool.....Rocky Cat

And too
Sisfur wasd the ferst one home yesterday an she founded me shutted in mommas room. Also she said that the wet food for all us cats and my own plate loked all fresh an stuf. She told momma and momma said its umlikly someone broked in and fed the cats and me( a little diva that gets my own plate whiles we gotta share) and shut me in a room and left wiffout stealing, but sisfur said it was way weird......Salem Cat

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Break Faaaast

Meowmy was bringing me breakfast in my room acause as an alpha girl kitty I get and demand it. Well she has neuropathy in her hands an the food was on a paper plate. As she was putting it down her hand went numb and flop she dropped it. In my cradle no less. She pulled my blankie out an went and washed it and cleaned my cradle but I had to sit an inspect it. I then climbed in an tooked a baff. ....salem cat

Squirral Time

Wes got a 10 pound container that holds cat, dog, bird etc food this weekend and have it by the back door with bird and squirrel food in it. We got it at Aldis for $5.00.
It has a spout on top to pour food out of.
Well we was sitting watching out the backdoor Sunday and momma came up and asked sisfur if she had left the spout open. She said no she hadn’t. We could’ve told her, the squirrel did it. He figured it out and was sitting there all morning right in front of us munching away.
Hes vury smart.

Also, to anyone surfing or blogging at work

Right click on the start key and click on explore.
In the Cookies File
Delete everything except INDEX.DAT file.
Do Not Delete the INDEX. DAT file.
Then Clean the internet thru the tools internet options.
Delete Files Cookies and Clear History.
And empty your Recyling Bin daily.

This doesn’t keep the boss from knowing what your doing but helps keep the sites you visit not as easily accessed. Makes it harder on them.
This also cleans out your computer and makes it run faster.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Sherbie & Herbie

Sherbie's one of the squillion that came to live here. Herbie is adopted from a litter raised at Kroger.
Thats Sherbie in the hammock and Herbie looking out at her.
This is the kitty playground from walmart.

Friday, November 10, 2006

bad picture cd

wes finally gotted pictures of our squillion sherbie & her dopted broffur herbie, but the picture cd isnt werking so wes has to scan the picture in at home and upload it there. in the meantime wes will be getting a new cd of picture from walgreen.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Funny Songs

Sisfur wrote and sanged a song for us last night. Here it is:

(set to cats in the cradle) (chorus of song)

One cats on the table
Ones banging a spoon
Ones wrecking the house
Ones eating the food,
You hadn’t cleaned the kitty litter since we don’t know when,
You know you’ll get your life back then mom
You know you’ll get your life back then

Noffur song:

I have a pretty kitty
Rocky is her name
And if you were to ask her she’ll tell you just the same

I am a pretty kitty
Rocky is my name
And if you were to ask mom she’ll tell you just the same.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

World Peace Day

How to Play Land Shark

Alright all democats and republicanines listen up. Its election day for the beans but its play day for us.

In order to play you need a mattress and/or boxsprings resting propped against the wall longways(this makes for better distance). You climb up on top and flatten yourself against the material. Put your tail straight up like a fin would be and open your mouth wide and bare all teeth. Then zoom back and forff and lean ofur and smack (wiff claws out) or bite your beans. This werks specially well if your bean doesn’t know your there and you can get their head.

Variation: the bean knows your there and crouches down and you can play smack paws instead.

Monday, November 06, 2006


Wes had a good weekend. They didn’t make any chick hen but we gotted some tacos. Piper the French fry eater stole some tato chips when theys eating cheezburgers and we did get some roast beef from the roast they made Sunday. Theys all crazy too.
Meowmy cleaned her room real good and wiped the walls down too. She also cleaned out our penthouse. Its in the top of her closet. She has old pillows up there wiff satiny pillow cases for us to lay on. And she moved the bed to vacuum and we played land shark on the mattress as they were propped up against the wall. And before mommy opened the windows shawn thawt it was opened and jumped and bounced back into the floor. Then she opened it and put him in it. We all toke turns getting in salems cradle. She didn’t like that.
And then we all went and licked the left ofur cornbread from the roast.
A good night had by all.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Formerly Feral Friday

Hey Blade here again. Heres some of the crazy fings I do acause im formerly feral.

I haf to have a bite out of every plate o stinky goodness. Efun I hav mi oun plate in front of me I still want a byte of efery offur one too. Just to make sure theirs isn’t better.

Ill eat peep food too. If there a piece of chick hen missing im the one that tooked it .

I don’t likkey the owtside. Not at all.i wont sit in the windows or nuffin. I don’t like to sticky my head out the door. I doo like to see the byrds an all but its scary owtside.

I want to be wiff people. Some uffer cats here would like to be only cats (like no good salem) but I like eferyone and eferycat. And I like to be patted and sit wiff people and get my luv on.

I will sit and wait on a new litter box and I will hold it too. I ppreciate cleanliness in a litter. I wont usse one dirty. And I like to be the furst one in it and frow litter around some. Cleanliness is next to catiness.

I baff all the tyme and will baff anyone else ho needs it. Yoo need a baff im your guy.

That’s all for now fulks. See ya later.