Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Chick hen

We haded an issue here this week.
Meowma was cutting up some chick hem and she gaved us the pieces she didn’t want. Blade was right there begging and doin figure 8’s in her legs. She gaved him ferst bite and said be careful its still hot. He snatched it up and went runnin off wiff it. He went 3 steps and stopped an spitted it out and hissed and smakeded the chick hen acuse it burned his mouffy. He was all the way mad at it. Then once it cooled he ated it again.
We hope everyone haded a Merry Christmas.

Friday, December 22, 2006

an look heres one in the wild. this is very scary fellow poodies.

oh no you poodies aint gonna believe this but tree rats can sing. yep its true i heard them. look heres a picture. yep and theys becoming demesticated. the one in red wants a hula hoop to play wiff. can yoos alieve it.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Last night Piper was chasing me all arownd and she saw Angle go walking by and she stopped scooted back and wiggled her booty high in the air and ran an smacked her. She then turned and walked off. Angle was having none of it though and waited for the next time Piper passed her an ran an sprung in the air and came down on Pipers back making her squeal. Teach her to mess wiff Angle……Flair

Friday, December 15, 2006


Yaaa we finally ordered our calendar of our blogosphere. We gotted sisfur to order it today and she gotted her a doggie chain (dog chains for a bean) necklace to where. She likes to help people wiff hur purchases and is happy the calendars go toward helping other bloggers that need it.
Also we getted a purrsent to from walmart a cat tower. Shure we knows wwhat it is already but it isn’t about the date its about being an making happiness. Our beans don’t like surrprizes so they don’t do it.
On anofur thawt, Shawn was again asleep on the dryer drooling and sisfur walked by and he raysed his heed up and dared her to wipe the drool off. She didn’t. shes sicc now, we hope not the flew. She trin to fite it but ho nose. Pipers trin to love her better. She walks round the house mrawing wiff a toy in her mouf until she finds sisfur. Then she drops it an runs to sissy. The beans is supost to do their little bit of shoppin this weekend but wiff overtime meowma puts in an sisfur sicky ho nose. May hafta wait till Christmas eve.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

On Saturday afternoon Shawn was all asleep up on the dryer. He had a big puddle of drool coming from his mouth. Sisfur held his head up and wiped it away. He sat up and as she walked of he grabbed her shirt sleeve and snatched her back to him and bited her on the elbow two times.
And then later on he was sitting in the meowmas room eating crunchies and sisfur went to get him out to shut meowmas door since meowma was asleep and she put hi in front of the crunchie bowl in her room. She went into the kitchen and camed back and he was back in meowmas room. He had opened the door and wented in.(he knows how to open doors) and sat looking out at sisfur daring her to take him out again. He was still mad at her from earlier. He normally sleeps in sisfurs bed but slept wiff meowma that night. He forgave her the next day.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Oh Christmas tree

Yaaah we gotted a tree last yesterday. The beans gotted rid of the old one cause snowy had sprayed it so much and due to a lot of climbin the cords for the lights were all messed up. They putted this one in the living room cause it has a door that they keep shut. Wes allowed only supervised access. Raven loves the tree. She jumped on the box when it came in and has laid under it. She loved our last one too. The beans didn’t want to get a biggy tree acause theys still remodeling the living room.but this one was on sale for $40 at kmart and its 6 ½ foot and prelit. And the lights are never outs so if wes pull out a bulb or break a bulb the others stay lit. we loves the tree.
The beans is werking a bunch this munff to get overtime so we aint getting pets and cuddling time. But theys doin it to keep us up.
Also: Were very sorry for the loose of Mrs Libby Marie and sad for her pet Abby. At least she went in her own way under the tree at home. We bow our heads in purrs now.

Friday, December 08, 2006

A Cats Christmas Prayer

we found this on Flippys page and thought it fit all of our sentimats for the season

A Cat's Christmas Prayer
Whoever made the stars that shine,
Whoever made green trees of pine,
Whoever dreamed up fish and mice,
Or sun and rain and snow and ice,
Must have the power in His paws
To help when there's a worthy cause.
Whoever gave the birds a nest
Will grant this humble cat's request.
For needy felines everywhere,
I meow my little Christmas prayer.
Please heal the sick
And cheer the sad,
Forgive the naughty,and excuse the bad.

One more simple thing I ask:
A pool of sunlight in which to bask,
Plus a plate of food,
A safe, warm house,
A loving lap, a catnip mouse.
Freedom from fleas, furballs, and mats,
And homes for all the homeless cats.

from A Cat's Christmas by Stefanie Samek

For Libby Marie

we light this candle for Libby Marie

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Tummy Tuesday

this is our friend biscuit. hes an old boy but loves to play and still has a his kittenness in him.

pictures upside we couldnt turn it.