Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Just to let everypoodie & woofies know wes been fonen owr blogs into sissy at werk (wes has a puter at home, but its slow adnd older and takes awhile) fur awhile now. welll all the sudden she cant bloggy now mure cause theyve blocked her frum Blogger. and she cant comment fur us anymure eiver. bad werk peeps bad. it maked her all mad but whut can she do? so now we can see sume blogs but not comment. so we wants everybudy to know wes finkin oif them. and we is blogging frum home some now. the weekends are best fur us since owr puter takes awhile....Snowy

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Just a little help for all the beans. with tax season rolling around i wanted to share this website as an easy and cheap way to do your own taxes. It is called taxactonline.com. Its completly free if you do standard, and easy just plugging numbers in. I just got my w2 yesterday and processed it thru last night and should have my refund direct deposited by next weekend. i know we are all money tight and this helps save the cost of going to the tax places. its identical to what they do and so easy….Zoo Sissy

Grrrate Stury

Oh boy. I has a grrrate stury to tail. When the momma & sissys at werk, wes not to answer the phone. But wes has caller id an when I saw it comed up wiff sissys werk name I answered it. It was sissy. I was all hello hello whats goin on. And she said that theys has mice in there werk cause theys in a new building next to a field. Its been a lot o screammin there she said, but she told them to not be mean to the mousie. They was told not to keep fud at their desks. Well sissy she no listened and lefted a package of cheesy crackers wiff peanut butter on them that she furgot bowt in her drawer. She opened it today to get her m & ms owt (theyre in a very hard shell plastic container..sissy) and saw the crackers had been muncheyd on. She laughed showed some cowerkers and frew them owt, then had to clean the drawer…..the end….Snowy

Monday, January 22, 2007

Feafur Butt Mousies

Oh fank yoo fank yoo fank yoo Junior. I gotted some mousies fur christmouse but theys all torm up by now. Sissy gotted me some at the dollar tree but theys bigger, salmost as biggy as my head. Feys are grate. Ive been finging them all around an carrin them and bunny kickin them. How couldve you know I needed sommore. and wes not seen feafur butt mousies arownd here. we just had regular butt mousies. theres bets in the house on how long afore i kill these guys. Fis ole cat really precy ates this. as i pownd this on the keyboard i got 1 here wiff me. Fank yoo agen….Snowy

Friday, January 19, 2007

Anypoodies owt tere watchy My Name is Earl last nite?? We luved it an really felt like it applies to us here on the blogosphere. It was abowt a blogger. Many of us (us at least) have little furriends but when we sit down to blog you feel a sense of community. Like someone actually cares maybe a little. If somefing happens we all start trying to figure it owt. Like when Mad Moses kitty went away, that caused a big uproar in owr little community. And we know more that’s goin on in the werld cause there are peeps and poodies on from all ofur. So if sumfing happens to us schmaybe no one else wud care but peeps here wud notise owr lose.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Alert Cat Needs a Home

This was posted on Beaus blog http://home.earthlink.net/~catbeau/. Anybody in Nashville please help out. We live in Nashville but are at our limit with 16 cats.

ALERT: If you knows of anybody in or near tha NASHVILLE area who could take a 7-month old solid black male kitten - all shots, to be neutered first of next week - get in touch wif Beau or Mommie Cathy ASAP. Him’s owner, Jesse, haf till tha end of the month ta finds him a home ’cause of an evil landlord.
Kitten NEEEEDS a Home!!!
ALERT: Nashville TN area
Jesse Morgan, the owner of a healthy, adorable 7-month old solid black male kitten - all shots, great health, to be neutered first of next week - has till the end of the month to find him a home. Details are in the email below:
I encountered, and ultimately spoke in depth with, a woman at Walgreens today (1/17/07) who needs our help. Her name is Jesse Morgan and she lives here in Nashville. She has a 7 month old, solid black kitten, male, had its shots already, and is scheduled for a neutering first of next week. However, her new landlord is making her give it up by the end of this month. She has checked with every agency here (I checked), gone through all her friends and their friends, and now is desperate to find a home for him by the end of this month. It is literally killing her to think she may have to have it put down. (She was VERY emotional talking about it in the store.) If you know ANYONE that might be able to foster/adopt him, please contact me asap. At the very least please pass this on and pray it finds a forever home. Thanks!!
If you can help or know of anyone in that area, please contact one of the following and they will contact me (my email is down): HotMBC; Kat'sKat; Mr.Hendrix; Oreo; or Missy&K.C., or leave a comment at Seventh Heaven or The Cat Blogosphere, where this information is also posted. Thank you in advance.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

yaaaa we wons juniors http://juniorbabee.blogspot.com/ contest. its the furst kitty bloggy kontest wes won. yaaaaaa

the V E T

I haded to go to the eveil v e t Saturday acause Is been hafing sum ear isues. The back my ears been a mees fur a monf. Sissy tryd putin neo spores in on it but that didn werk. So then its been per oxs side. That werked but then my ears was all bad again. It was bleedn an all. So I wented to the v e t. ive not been owt the howse since I muved in 3 years ago cept that tyme I got owt an was runnin arown. That only lasted 30 minutes. I was cawt again wiff HAM. Just like when Is furst cawt. I was bery bery scared. I didn know where Is goin. So when we goes in sissy smelt sumefing. She tuk me to the baffrum and I had pooped in the carrier bag. I haded to be cleaned afore I kud go see the v e t an the bag too. But I won acasue while sissy was cleanin me I planted a paw rite on her cest that was poopy. I finl she was gonna dy. She wiped her shurt a best she kud and cleaned me again paws an all. The we saw the dr. she violated me but just bearly. The thermometer barey had to go in. and now Is on medicine fur the next 10 days. Drops in my ears. And she gotted eaar drops fur mites so ifid the offur cats start shakin their heds they get it too. But I have my own cause I gotted not mites but sumfing else. Sissy haded to go rite home wiff me cause her shurt an all. I was so happy to be home. Now the roomer is that I gots to go back and have my goodie sack taken away next munf. Oh boy….Flair

Sneak Attack

Sissy now has new glasses and she gotted the cat eye style. She went to get salem owt of owr office yesterday and salem went whap whap real hard on sissy and cutted her nose up gud. If sissy hadn’t had her glasses on salem mitve got an eye when smacking. Salem was upset abowt the glasses she said. She ran off sayin sumfing bout not to hate her cause sissy aint her. She said quit trying to copy her felineness. She pologized later wiff headbutts an kisses. Has we said salems a little crazy….Snow

Friday, January 12, 2007

Here's a picture of owr woofers JD an Gussie. Theys good woofers. Jds the tall black & white bot and Gus is the short brown boy. Not great but good. we hasnt gotted them trained to owr specifications yet. they wont let us spoon them in owr sleep or nuffin. But they will share fud wiff us.
On a Formerly Feral Friday note, I want to let efery poodie no i am not a bad boy. I likes to tussle and ruff house an when i was on the streets, fitens a way of life. But i just dont like that Snow boy. Hes all high an mighty finkin hes the alpha. And I dont like the alpha gurl Salem effur but i cant get to her as easily. an most times Snow wont fite back but run off so i win. I getted time owts when is akt up ( hey how can a boy akt down I ask) But I am a gud boy at heart. an i have learnt to share owr toys wiff Snow. we boff liked the balls an miceys. schmaybe we gotted somefing in common.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Brawl in the Hall


Snowy and Blade were at it again last night. snows the oldest and the alpha and Blade wants to be. So hes always following him around smacking him. And last night Snow had had enough. he turned around and samcked Blade back. the beans comed arunni when they heard the hissing, but i was a standoff. Meowma ended it by making Blade go with her She picked him up and carried him to the den. Snowy went off to bed.

to be continued on the fighting....Salem

Friday, January 05, 2007


Oh boy wes havin stew. I luv stew luv it luv it luv it. Whats that sissy??? yoo wasn’t dun yet. Yeah well yur now. Now gimme. No stop quit it. I don’t want my face wypd. I like my stew beard..quit it....

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Christmas Lights

JD & Gus Woofers here:

We gotted to go luk at the lites krismaus eve and we loooked and looked. there was this one disturbing site, we saw Santa dancing in the street to Run Run Rudolph. he waved at us and we went woof woof woof back at him. we woofed it up gud. he nue not to get to close to owr car. then we gotted tired and laid down, then we wented home. we told the home bownd poodies of owr venture as they gathered rownd. and wes was excited an scared that santa was later on in owr houze and we didnt hear him. he left us nue colars for the nue yer. that was nice of him sence we woofed at im earlier.
Please go to Butterscotchs blog here http://butterscotchkitty.blogspot.com/. his momma is trin to find a home for 8 strays in Florida.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

We hope everybody haded nice hollydaze. We did. We gotted a tower from walmart (an we may get anofur acause it is purrfect height to the windows to gaze out) an a whirl an twirl an a baggie o small toys, like mousies an balls. We gotted a sparkly ball too. And some nice frow blankets to lay on freout the houze. Sissy left the baggie of small toys open when she ran back to the store for turkey and fixens an when she gotted backtoys were strewn frewout the houze. Snowie an Blade are havin the most fun wiff those toys efun though theys the oldest, excluding Salem. She likeys the tower. It has gud tree rat watchin heights. Ravens favourite toy wasd the tree but its down noe. We maded it frew Christmas wiffout breakin a ornament. None were pulled off the tree. An we gotted some turkey. It was gud. Our beans aint much meat eaters so we didn’t have alot of turkey. Just a breast.