Wednesday, February 28, 2007

HI yall. wes wanted to say Happy Blogoversery to Brandi & Carol at we couldn comment on her blog the word verification didnt werk but its her 1 year blogoversery. so here it is Happy 1 Year Blogoversary Carol & Brandi.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Happy Squillion Apprecation Day

Heres our squillion Sherbie & her 'dopted brofur Herbie in the cradle a'laxin.
His all. hows eferypoodie?? hopes all is well. well i must tell yoo all im just sick. ive had it up to here wiff my bean sisfur. she lefted fur werk today and i getted shut int he baffrum closet by accident (yeah rite) woman put yur glasses on. well so ver i was until meowma gotted um then she letted me owt and waited fur sissy to go luk at the closet and streten it p. i was on all the shelves nokin stuff ofur and off the shelves the the flur below. sissy saided all washrags neededto be washed.
but they tehn camed hum later frum a trip the green wall place wiff an indoor tree (fern: sissy) and i tried to climb it an chew on it. it was real gud taasty. and she putted mirrors on the wall ahind the plant and i culd admire my prowess in the mirror but then she tuked to sprayin me wiff water to make me stay away frum it. but its too tempting.
wes gotted owr autograph of Oreo today and hes a handsum boy the gurl kitties say. fanks Heather (oreos mom)....Baby

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Last night owr meowma was cookin’ burgers on the grill and I stayed by the door and cried and cried and wouldn’t move out the way when she camed back in or nuffin. I saws that ole Gus woofer sittin starin at the grill and I was all determined not to let him get none. I’s don’t know like owtside but I tried to go owt there to protext the grill. In the end nefur of us gotted any.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Hi Fellow Poodies

HI fellow poodies. Wes had an xcitin coupla days here. Furst we had Stevie wanted to get to go into the office so bad he was being bad. It’s a treat to get to get to go in there or a punishment. That doors mainly kept closed. But he was frowing a fit and beatin up all the offur poods so he got put in and he was happy. Then sissy came in and played crochet fetch wiff his crochet discs. He was in heaven.
Fen Blade needed some ear medicine put in his ear cause it was boffuring hym. Sissy haded him and put him in the baffrum and shutted the door so she could see sumfing quik on the tv. Rocky and Benoit were already in there. He hates a shut door and started thumpin it. Then we alls hurd somepoodie screaming and she wented running in there and bladey haded benny and was smakin and pulling/biting bennys hair owt. Bennys hair was all ofur the baffrum. And he kept holding benny fitin until he was picked up and pulled off. He gotted a stern talking to a spanking on the butt (2 swats) and his ear meds he needed. He was all mad like fur awhile after.
Owr woofer JD goted fixed last weekend and his teef cleaned and they haded to pull a cracked toff. He was mad at the beans all weekend. He wouldn’t respond to his name or nuffin. And he hasta go back this munday to have the stitches were his goody sack was removed. None of the boy poodies nor owr woofer Malcolm (RIP) haded any stitches.

And wes extend or sympathy to Wiliam and his family at the lose of Eddie.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

heres salem in the snow.

hey eferypodie. we hopes eferyone haded a grate vd. we did. we went to the Katnippia party and haded a blast. couldve stayed all night if it wasnt a werk night. Derby had asked eferypoodie where they lived and we lives where its cold but not but an inch (schmaybe) of snow. but it cold just not as kod as the rest of mericka. heres owr howse when it does snow.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Last night Blade came in the bathroom. Shawn was lying on the floor, behind the kitty litter under the tp holder. Blade looked at the potty, cause he really wanted to use it, then he looked at Shawn real hard. Then at the potty, and then at Shawn and then at the potty again. He was sending Shawn a signal that he needed to use the potty, and Shawn needed to move it. next thing I know, Shawn gets up and waddles out, and blade climbs right in. Hes so smart..Sissy

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Hi eferypoodie. Daisy wanted to see a picture of whut i luked like so heres a picture of me. i's is a sweet little 5 year old gurl. snowy isid my surogante dad and molly isid my sissy. me and snowy is tugever all the time. this isd my whupin the scratching post picture. i rather like it and it shows me in the mirror and the angle makes me luk tiny.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Wes posting this early cause we cant blog at work.

Yaaah its the House of the Mostly Black Kitties Momma Robyn’s Appreciation Day. Wes berry acited. She has done so much fur all us poodies & peeps. Wiffowt her we wudnt hafe owr Squillion Sherbie hos berry happy to be wiff us. She has a growp of 5 poodies that she dotes ofur, theyre her fur babies and she turned Pepi & Gree from being owtside cats to pampered inside babies. And she maintains and paid for the Blogosphere fur us all so we can keep up and have a community room. Fank you berry much Momma Robyn, we ‘preciate yoo.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

OH Boy my own Bedroom

I hased my own rume. Hey poodies, my names Ivory and this is my furst time on the bloggy. I speneded most of my time begging for bean fud and cuddling wiff Snowy. Hes my ‘dopted dad. Hes white and im orangey white. Me and him finally gotted owr own rume. It’s the living rume and until its fixed up panited and new floor and furniture it is home to kitty city by day, that’s our playrume. Recently ive taken to sleeping wiff meowma in her rume wiff the door closed acause that’s where snowy sleeps. Well weve acome nitetyme wanderers an try to go in and owt and meowma has to opent he door each tyme. So now when we start she takes us to kitty city and puts a litter box in there wiff a water bowl and a nitelite and shutes the door so we wont be back at her door wanting in. so I here theres paintin to be done and since its my rume what color do I want pink, purple or boff???

Monday, February 05, 2007

hey poodies & woofers owt there. ows yoo all??? we hopes yoo aoo haded a gud weekend. we all alaxed arownd the hosze. we hopes Brandi's mom is all better now. we surry yoo haded to go frue that and hope Brandi wasd a gud nurze to yoo. an we hopes every poody had a gud time at the zoopurrbowl party. we coulnt maked it.
the woofers rownd here haded to go to the v e t saturday fur a pawdicure. Gus is a biter and hasta be muzzled up. then they hasta go back tumurrow to steal blud from JD to find owt why his hair wont grow. and Gus hasta have a boil lanced. so theyll be cutting on him.
on saturday jd wased tryin to getted owtside and sisfur letted him owt. well when she did he stopped and stayed jumpin rownd the bird fud holder and danced tring to nok et ofur. sissy luked in and saw owr chipmunk in there squealing. jd wanted it. she carried him in and noked it ofur to let the chipmunk owt. it ranned off. but the tree rats stayed arownd and we watched them....Blade

Thursday, February 01, 2007

hey eferypoodie hows et goin?? wes had a scares yesterday. furst when the sissy gotted the woofers in in the murning afore she left to go hunt'n she furgot she let ole gus in and meoma haded to leave huntin midday to cum home and maked shurehes in, he was and in the bed asleep, the siisy went owt to get him in last nite and fell off the purch. can yoo aleive it. it was an citen day.

peee eessss sissys not hurt...

the end....Chyna