Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Alls my good hidey spots is bein takin. That ivory girl is copycatting me and goin in my hidey holes. I started wiff the upper shelves of 1 cabinet. Now shes on my shelves in the pantry. Next fing she’ll be trying to get in my cabinet ofur the fridge.whats a boy to do abowt his copycat sisfur…..Benoit

Monday, March 26, 2007

Bun Bun Multiplied

Wes always assumed we only had 1 bunny in the nayburhud but we has mure then that we know now. When momma was owtside chewing the grass with the loud monster satuday owr naybur was doing the same to his yard. Momma saw him stop and he was lukin rownd fur a box. Momma asked whats goin on. He said it was a nest of baby buns arownd his tree. Momma went and gotted owr smallest carrier (it holds only 1 kitty. A kitty shoulder bag.). they put the babys in it and he moved the nest resumed mowing then put the nest back and they put the babys back in the nest. It was all the way egsiten. We wouldn’t mind havin them as pets but momma said no. durn.

Then momma was runnin wiff jd in the freshly mowed backyard and kicked his big ball over the fence by accident to the mean nayburs yard. Sissy waited until the next murning to sneak ofur and getted it once she left. Took the woman long enuff to leave her howse.
Gussie was owtside snapping at owr carpenter bees (I nefur see them build anyfing though) cause they was tryin to intimidate him. He wasn’t hafing it.

Gus is very tired. this is him covered up in bed. Hunter is watching ofur him. its a hard job herding cats all day.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Sherbie in owr playgownds hammock wiff Herbie lukin on and Piper snoopervising

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

oh boy oh boy oh boy i was all just lukin owt the back window on my perch. guessed what I's saw in owr planter box?? guess guess. ok it was Bun Bun owr nayburhud bunny. he wasd just sittn there and munchin on the weeds in there now. hes bin sittn there bout an hour now and so im still a sittin here watchin hi, its so egscitn.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

baby pics

baby benoit molly and ivory. benoits the black poodie and mollys the grey tabby and ivorys the ginger


Monday, March 12, 2007

"Mew looking at me? Mew looking at me?I'm the only purdy gurl here"Piper says
acourse chynas in the backgrownd on the pillow. see her laser eyes aglowin shes diecting them pipers way

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

wordless wednesday

shawn taking a nap on his
lionskin rug

Monday, March 05, 2007

his eferypoodie. wes glad its all calmed down some. wez want to say happy belated purrthday to jeter harris sury wes missed yur party. sisfur wasd sick and wez had to play nursepoodies. wez seen its been hugs day and we want to gia all owr poodie furriends on the blogosphere a biggy ole hug :::::hugzzzzz::::::

Thursday, March 01, 2007

  • Owr furst meme. Tigerlily at tagged us. I salem as alpha gurl will answer it.

    A. Name four places you have lived
    · The streets
    · owr apartment
    · here at owr house
    · no where else
    B. Four things I love to watch
    Rocky, the gurl needs to know shes watched like a hawk
    The birdies owtside
    Water draining in the sinks
    Food preparation in the kitchen
    C. Four places I have been outside my home
    Florida for vacation
    My old vet
    My new vet
    Under owr dec at the house at midnight in the snowy. I wouldn’t come owt so sissy crawled under after me and got me. I had escaped the house.
    D. Four websites I visit daily
    as many kitty blogs as I can
    the cat blogosphere
    the animal rescue site
    E. Four of my favourite foods.
    baked potatos
    chicken dinner stinky goodness
    whatever else the beans fix for themselves
    F. Four places I would rather be right now
    outside but im not allowed
    in the office just cause Rockys in there and I want to boot her out.
    On my perch to see owt the window, but stevies up there
    In bed wiff meowma but shes at werk
    G. Four toys I have owned and played with
    My woofers Malcolm and Selena
    Meowmas shoes
    Rockys head
    Gloria, my dolly
    H. Four nicknames people call me
    Little *&^% Head (when I bitey them)
    Salem quit doing that
    Baby say
    Say say
    I. Regarding catnip
    love it
    it's nice
    could take it or leave it
    don't like it or can't have it
    J. Regarding cat grass
    love it
    it's nice
    could take it or leave it
    don't like it or can't have it
    K. First things I buy after winning the lottery
    a new house fur us all to lived in
    2 new cars
    Take care of all the kitties in need in our blogosphere
    Lots o kitty toys to play wiff
    L. Four things I do besides eat, sleep and litter box
    Harass rocky
    Harass gus
    Exert my dominance over the household
    Play a game called making the beds
    M. Four things I want to do this summer
    talk Mom into letting me go outside
    lay in the windows wiff the windows open
    get rid of all the other cats
    get rid of the woofer gus
    N. My four most prized possessions that have limited value to anyone else
    my cradle
    my blankie
    my dollie rabitt gloria
    my penthouse in the top of the closet
    O. What I am going to do before tomorrow
    annoy gus
    look out the window
    eat by myself in the bedroom instead of with the heathens
    sleep in y cradle
    P. Where is your favorite place to hide and play
    plastic bags
    paper bags
    Other (explain) – I likey to hide in my hidey hole in the closet. No one can spot me and I can get the them good.
    Q. Four other pets that Mom and my Daddy have had with me
    Malcolm –my woofer brofur (RIP)
    Selena my woffer sisfur (RIP)
    Elvis (woofer)
    JD (woofer)
    Gus (woofer)
    R. Four friends I'm taging to respond:
    Jojo Copper & the Rat at Trinity Cats
    Nugget & Beaks at Trading Cats
    Skeeter & LC