Monday, April 30, 2007

ohhhhhh wes saw some vultures. theys bery biggie birds. there was furteen of them just a hangin owt in a yard nearby. we fink theys up to sumfing. schmaybe a witchy lives there ur schmaybe sumboodies ded. it was all sppoooky.
hi eferypoody. we has a problem wiff owr flowers. some animal is digging up owr epephant ear bulbs and muncing on them from the flower bed. any pood owt there know what fis cud be??? wes dont know fink its bun buns. theyve never tuched the elefant ears at all. coarse wes not gonna do nuffin cause we luf all wildlife. we just all nosy.

Thursday, April 26, 2007


I wanted to share my nickname wiff yall. I get called scutterbug acause I am a fast runner and run after the offur cats one free of my legs and swap swap swap wiff my offur fron paw. i get real close to the ground too in a crouchy poschun.....Chyna

Monday, April 23, 2007

This is Bean the Pitbull He’s a doggy blogger. He needs knee surgery and is a third of the way to his goal of raising money to help pay for it. Its scheduled for May 2nd. Please help if you can.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

For Lilly Lu

were doing owr blog in pink for Lilly Lu. we hope you get better soon. what would Mu Shue Momma Laura do wiffout you and Iris needs you to teach her eferyfing.


And our purrayers go out to Diva Kitty Mom and Family and Missy & KC and Family and Millie and Jasmine and Family.

Weve had so much sadness lately.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

what not to eat

JD lufs his meeces to peices

sissy gitted all upset at us yesterday. owr woofer JD tried to eat one of owr field mices. it really fought hard and scrambled around to get free. at one point it was airborn. it got away. then he gotted nagged at for an hour. sissy said we only eat whats dead and cooked.
then we had a tumblebug get in. theys hard shelled bugs that crawl and fly and are only out at night. i tried to help her catch it and she gitted mad when she heard "crunch" and git it outa my mouff and frew it outside....Blade

Monday, April 16, 2007

Midnight Monday

Heres a baby midnight kitty pikchire of me. thats Shawn rite aside me. i luk all bug nest to him an stuff.

snd Rocky aside him. i fink i luk identical to the way i lk now just bigger. im still a biggy baby. i cried and rattled the baffrum dur fis weekend acause Salem was stuck in there to eat and drink and use the litter uninterupted. i tried mi best to aggravate her. it didnt werk fo. she comed owt and whapped me on the hed and hissed at me. oh an Rocky gotted a new lite bulb fur her Tinkerbell nitelite also this weekend.....Blade

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

When the plumber was here

It was all the way horrible. I liked my rum but I hate the door being shut so efun though I had some primo nip scattered arownd I still whined and cried and popped the door at the bottom. Sissy camed in there wiff me and I haded all my catsiblings but I ranned and hid in the smaller tent we haf efun theough Shawm (a 16 pound himcat and I weigh 14 pounds) was already in there asleep and then I climbed out and stayed ahind it. I don’t liked the strangers. Theys scary. I was in there fur furefer (sissy: 1 hour). Then we gotted owt and we all scattered to hidey holes arownd the houze. it was horrible i say just horrible....blade

Sunday, April 08, 2007

welps we maded it frew anofur weekend of the beans bein home, theys keeps us frum all owrs sleeps. but amorw night wes has the plumer comin so tat meens we has to be shut in owr rum while hes here. we liked owr rum and all but bei shut in is all the way bad. we haded sum citment acause friday wes had flurries. in april. in tennessee. it was aciten. but it didnt sticked arownd.
we saw on the news of a fire in a FL humane society and 2 woofers and most of the cats died. we bows owr heds in purrayers for the pets that died. Purr to Bast.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Hi poodies. We wants to wish Ms. Mille a Happy Furst Purrthday.

Raven here. Werds goin rownd fis weekend is groomin weekend fur us long hairs. I admit it. My hair gettin a little tangley and as a plus size gurl its kinda hard to get to the rear area fur cleaning so its good they taked the hair off back there. I look so clean when I'm done. Im a purrty gud gurl bowt it but Ms. Molly fows a fit efery tyme. Wes alitte happy now. Momma was home wiff us free days fis week plus the weekend and sissys gonna be home all days from next furrsday frew teh next tuesday. its cause its her 31st purrthday. You know what she got as a purresent fur her 30th. Food Poisoning. Fats rits. and on chick hen. owr favorite fing to eat. she has 4 weeks acation fis year so shes gonna stay home wiff us.Bye fur now.....Rey Rey

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Oh Boy. puters haf ben acting up alls ofer the place. the blogospheres down and owr enter net haf been down too. its a mess to try to get online. it takes several rebuts to get it up for us to get this far. wes surry we hafnt posted in almust a weak. we wunt to byte comcast.
Snowys tired of waitin and is gonna go wait at the able for din din.