Tuesday, July 31, 2007

this is our torn up playgrownd. mollys in front of it and thats angle on the hammock of it. you can also see our cube and our luxery lepoard print 2 story condo and whirly toy too.
these is owr tents. the red/blue one is a cube. the red/yellow is our taco tent and the blue one is a pup (in this case cat) tent. the doors tied up in this pichure.

Monday, July 30, 2007

this is owr oldest sissy salem in her bed wiff her dolly gloria. glorias as old as baby say is. beside her bed is baby says cradle. you cant see it well. salem rules this house wiff an iron fist. crazy gurl finks shes a puppycat. she always bossin us arownd.she deals wiff sum uf us but not me. she no lyk me. i guess cause i try to beat her up all the time.her faforite poodie is benoit followed by stevie and flair. i guess cause theys all sleepers and lef each offur alone. i lyks to instigate fites. but i still a young kitty learning....bladey

Our 200th Post

Yaaaahh todays our 200th post. We started bloging 1 year ago in April after bein lurkers for awhile and wanting to leave a comment on Cat Eyes blog and hers only allowed comments from other bloggers. So we got our start slowly an nefer thought we'd get this far but we did.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

heres a pichure of owr nayburehowd rabbit bun bun. hes a gud bunny.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Kitty Fyte

oh boy us kittoes was all relaxed layin arownd (i was taking my evening nap) and the momma hurd a kitty growling lowd. sissy and us offur cats folloed the sownd until she came to mommas rum and saw salem on the perch (lukin owt her window) lukin at the bed. sissy luked an saw stevie and snowy fyten. stevie had somefing haning frum his hed and near his eye. they stopped when sissy went in. it wasnt too bad a fyt. stevie was posturing and growling tryin to nintymadat snowy and snowy a tuff one who wont bak down. sissy piked stevie up and tuk him to the baffrum to was what she fowt was puss ( she fowt his eye was cut and leakin (mommas rum was dark when she went in there she says) and thats when she fownd oet it wasnt puss but 2 kitty nail shealths bouf near his eye, one was almost in his eye. the beans think it was just 2 boys fytin an nffin serious. stevie never fyts he struts and postures and luks lyk a crabkitty and that skers the offur cats but they fink snowy wasnt hafing in since hes the Alpha Male Kitty. they was fine and layin near each offur again seferal hours later. stevie enjoyed bein fussed ofur....Bladeo

Sunday, July 22, 2007

The woofers is mad. They gotted a 3rd baff in 3 weeks acause they is itchy and the beans gotted a new shampoo to help wiff itchiness.

Benny spent several hours in the baffrum closet today because he snuck in an tuk a nap.

This aint the best pichure because Piper was mufing so she luks kinda high on catnip. She was takin' a nap while the beans was cleanin the houze. She was sleepy when the pic was takin.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

silly woofer

woofer gussie was outside and kept staning on his legs (hes short) to drink from the kiddie pool we have (just to cool off in) and momma picked him up and put him in, the water was up over his belly. he stood around drinking the water. he thought it was a water bowl to drink from. jd ran away. gussie wasnt in too long. he said pool water is sooo much better then inside water is.

weve added more to our links. so all new blogs weve seen on the blogospher up to today including pixel and mosaic cats have been added.

Monday, July 16, 2007

whew we finks sissy finally done puttin eferyone on the links. it was hard werk luks like theres several hundred of us. and theres always a new blog to be added. if yoo finks weve left you off our list let us know and we will add it in. this was supposed to be done offur the beans baycashun but when the internet went wonky that ended that. wes now got efernet and its sooo much faster then usb was....bladey

Sunday, July 15, 2007

we're baaaack

oh boy owr internet went down last friday and weve been internetless since. its been bowt enuff to kill us. we got it back via ethernet (we was usb before) and its soooo much faster. owr old puters still gud but the usb died adn owr puters a 2000 model so it didnt haf ethernet.

we miseed gettin to aport that when the beans went shopin last weekend the made shure the back storm door was locked and pushed the wood door shut and locked it but theys furgot to look down and ben ben was shut between the doors fur 2 hours. boy he was upset.
then molly & raven and the 2 pups gotted groomed and then again yesterday and we all gotted flead. we was all maaad at them. ben ben ahaved the best f all. the rest of us frew fits.

and salem was up in the closet penthouse last nite an went to jump down on the bed and didnt make it. she fell.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

sorry everyone, owr ole internet is down until monday afternoon. owr usb isnt connecting. will be be back then. eeeeek. hope we will last until then. we only has 36 more names to update to owr blogroll. then wes done until some new poodie gets a blog. fank god.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Hi we hope eferybody had a grate and safe 4th of July. We staid in and watched the fireworks on TV.
Owr sissy tried to get owr water jug that gives us continuous fresh water. Well Bladey discovered it back out and sat studying it then got to the splashing so back up it went. We're back to the water bowls in the sink again. durn. That ole boy is crazy. Rocky ated some cake today and got it all ofer her whiskers. Stevie was sittin on the bed this murnin and when the sissy went walkin by he jumped up and on her. she was surprised but cawt him. thats a pattern wiff those 3 the triplets (shawn, rocky and stevie) rocky does it all the time. the beans are always prepared to catch a cat fling off somefing at them....Snowy