Monday, March 14, 2011

do i luk kyk a mouser to yoo???

new mouser--riley

sissy tuk us owt fur tha last tyme sunday nyte. we ranned owt and i let owt a yip immediatly. sissy camed runnin down deck steps and i came runnin frum behind tha howse and haded a creature. probably a big chipmunk or skinny mole (it wuz dark owt). i swung it 3 times ta tha yard and kilt it. sissy gotted us back in and went back owt wiff a baggie to put it in. she made shure it wuz dead and bagged it up. then we gotted to go back owtside. all this done in silence cawse it was so late...riley

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Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Oh you are clever and showed that scamperer what was what.. Hugs GJ xx