Thursday, June 30, 2011

i hurd today wuz interashunal boxing day. im in. my box. hahahaha....snowy

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

come on kwyk, i gotta get owtsyde and play, tha towels thar fur us to klean owr feet after getting in tha dirt owtside. we had anofur possum visit but this one just hissed, sissy had us come back in and leaf him alone....jd

Monday, June 27, 2011

beans had ta trim tha branchs back on tha tree owtside the bedrhums windows so we cant see tha birdies kwyt as gud and tha squirrallies no longer luk in tha window. but tha feeders are still owt thar sum....snowy

Thursday, June 23, 2011

allryte beans its time ta stop. yall can ruin a pups gud tyme. i swear. im not happy. see tha planter box. theres a white stick. that the property line. turns owt the fence was put up years ago when the houses were without checking property lines. ass neighbor ryte there knows the property line too.

beans had been planning on taking the box down since when im up there and stand against teh fence im taller then it. beans were worried. the no used the box. we lyked it. but today beans had it taken down to prepare for privacy fence on the ass neighbors side. he keeps claiming fence is his fence and we attached to it (it was put up in the 50's.). so beans are having privacy fence done at teh property line. see the fence panel up now. that is to keep me from hopin ofur into his yard until. its the only spot were i possibly kuld. and hes dangerous and has a pitbull. soo.

drat drat drat. see im lukin toward the box. it was the only place to possibly bury any of us since the dirts so shallow here. now i have a big pile of dirt to play in until its moved around. im gonna get filthy. yeah.....carlito

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

kwik kwestion

beans hafe kawt me lately grabbing madison by tha scruff of her neck (btw...shes huge next to me) while standing behind her. i dont appear to be doing anything and we're all fixed here. blade has done this to chyna and me(tried to, I fawt him off) and snowy to ivory but beans dont know what we're up too and the ofur boys here dont do this. this is new behavior for me. do yoo know whut we're doin???? help my beans. theyre just nosy....hunter

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

sissy tuk us owt fur owr last trip of tha nyte and she stayed in fur a second. she hurd us barking and came owtside. guess whut, we had a possum trapped behind tha howse. he wuz behind a set of owtside shelves. we wuz just barking and jumping but tha possum hissed and smacked at us. we nefur got him, efun wiff rileys "killer" reputation. sissy got riley and waved us all to go back in. we did. were basically gud pups.....roxie

Sunday, June 19, 2011

i fell off mommas shoulder today and hit tha keyboard and tha whole screen went sideways. beans messed arownd fur an bit and got it back portrait. somehow it went landscape. beans hafe no idea whut i hit on tha keyboard ta do this. im ok though. i got picked up and lufed on....rocky

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

sissy maded tha mistake of gifin me Benedryal cawse she heard its gud fur summertyme itchys. i has summertyme itchys. oooohhhh she learned her lesson. i hafe a sensatife tummy and beans hafe near whyte carpet in den. guessed whyt happened. im a gud boy thta nefur wuld go in tha howse but i kuldnt help it. sissy only gafe me benedryal 2x last thursday. i wuz sick all weekend. eferytyme we went owt, i had ta go and seferal tymes in tha howse. beans are still scrubbin tha carpet. teech sissy. she knows better now. im back ta my cream and peroxide fur my itchys....carlito

Sunday, June 12, 2011

4th kill

i snagged a birdie when tha beans were throwing fruit out for tha bunny and squirrallies. i kilt it. tha beans gotted it away frum me kwick though. im a true hunter.

1st kill: mousey

2nd kill: gecko

3rd kill: mousey

4th kill: birdie


Friday, June 10, 2011

im ready for an extreme close up...riley

Thursday, June 09, 2011

owr beans hafe been bad bloggers. itz tha busy season fur surveys and sissy has been busy helpin momma wiff it, getting peeps in tha database and callin peeps.

i hafe been doin this alot (draping ofur tha vent). sissy was at tha desk in front of me yesterday and culdnt get in a drawer cawse she kuldnt scoot back any. she scooted tha desk forward sum. i am not mufin. i just cant handle summer much. i hafe a hotspot on my tail and foot, my tail luks horrible. sissy herd abowt tha Benadryl and went ta get sum. she kuldnt find tha liquid and had ta get generic by searchin active ingrediants, she went to walmart and target. theyre hopin it takes my itchies away. im spendin lots of time inside.

also, 2 weeks ago we had a fire at home. it was a thunderstorm. it was at 5 am, beans were up and in tha office. thunder boomed and beans luked at jay ta check his reaction (hes scared of boomies). they heard staticy sounds down the hall and followed the sound. mommas bed was on fire. sissy grabbed a blanket to put it out and momma ran for the breaker box. she turned off all, since she didnt know which was affected. the fire was out. they turned them back on 1 by one and the same thing happened in the den. but nothing was in front of that outlet. in mommas room her bed was right next to that outlet. apparantly the house was hit by lightening (we guess) and it messed those two circuits up. it took forever to get an electrician out here (most wanted to charge for estimates and like $350 was that price). A referral from a friend got an electrician. the power to those two outlets stayed off until he fixed them. that also cut power to all the ceiling fans in the house and main bathroom and hallway by bathroom (weird huh). the guy came last week. he said the lines were fine but the outlet in moms room was fried. he replaced it and the den one he said was fine, but its awkward location and all made beans have him just close it off and cap it. all in all we lost a bedding set in mommas room and her mattress has a burn mark but that it, its just csmetic there. but were glad beans were up and home or else that could have bean really really bad.

Monday, June 06, 2011

ife nefur been much of a tower cat, but i kinda am lykin this spot.....shawn

Friday, June 03, 2011

soo high

im up soo high. frum up here i can watch tha owtside soo gud. i hafe a gud view. also i can see wat tha pups iz doin on tha deck. carlie and roxies hatin on summer, theyre winter pups. carlies hotspot on his tail is back and he has to hafe it lotioned up and he hates that. riley and jay lyk taa sun on tha deck and relax.....benoit