Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Durn, durn, durn, I gotted four count um four baffs total this weekend. Drat it. beans say its cause I kept going owtside digging and getting “my paws are filthy”. I say they wuz bein mean and wanted  to torture me. so efery tyme I camed in wiff muddy paws and a muddy mouf  I gotted a nother baff. Beans can ruin a gud tyme….Riley

Friday, October 19, 2012

Hi thar

Hi there. My name is Randy. Im tha new pup here. I am 1 years old and a Yorkie mix. I lived in a McMansion for my first year. It didn’t werk out. Tha daddy didn’t like me. They didn’t have a fenced in yard and I had sum accidents. My name was Vandy thar. You can kinda guess frum tha name the type of family I wuz wiff. So I packed it up and moved in here. Beans here changed my name ta Randy to be close to Vandy, but still fit in and also have a wrestling name like all tha offurs here and that used ta live here and passed away. The say Im named after Randy Orton now, so I get ta be a Viper (sssss).

Beans here got me neutered and I run and run tha backyard. Rileys my bestest pal but I like all that pups. Tha kitties scare me sum. I still have my old kennel bag I used ta sleep in at tha old home, but I sleep on tha beds and couch now. Oh and such delishous treets here. Om my. Bones, milkbones, and all tha like. I feel richer. I used ta hafe only one toy but now I have a bajillion. Beans also cute all my long hair off. I feel cleaner. Rileys showing me tha ropes. Like digging and getting filthy. I just learned yesterday how ta get under tha deck thru tha steps. I culdnt figure out tha way back tough, sissy reached and grabbed me thru tha steps, then once Riley was out, they rigged it sume ta block us by putting bricks in front of the openings between steps, the riser. Rileys werking on pushing tha bricks out of tha way.

Roxie was jealous of me at first because wes tha same breed and kinda, sorta luk alike. Buuut shes tha only gurl so she has that going fur her. She whupps me sum and I just cow back and beans stop it. Shes kinda fussy. Carlie gotted me too. He chased me out of the living rhum and wuldnt let me back in. I stood at tha door. Sissy was sorting herdum-dum suckers into likes/dislikes for Halloween, give out flavors she no like. Carlie and riley were in thar wiff me and carlie started fussin and chased me out. She came fur me but I ran ta momma. They loved me good, petting and coddling. Carlie gotted yelled out. He was nagged fur a while, that we no fyte here, peacefulness only. Roxie camed out frum under tha bed, she likes ta stay under beds, and was babied and told she can hafe a Barbie fur Christmas. She wuz bery happy and smiling. …Randy

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Momma went ta wash sum clothes a Wednesday ago. Tha washer filled and then…nuthin. She thawt it had died after filling. Beans thawt well just great and were bailing tha water out down tha sink. They had ta wait until tha weekend when they had sum tyme and went washer/dryer shopping.

They have always wanted ta get me a see thru top washer since I have a water craziness. I see it and my eyes glaze over, my head tilts and I hafe ta slap it, slap it. They think ill lose my mind.

 But beans were also in a rush, wanting a set that kuld be delivered that weekend and all. They found one set but the lid wasn’t see thru. they thawt well we will get Bladey one wiff a see thru lid next year, when we have tha tyme to take and get that. Tha set was ta be delivered Saturday.

Sissy woked up Saturday morning, had an epiphany and went and took the can opener (its small) to a nearby outlet in the laundry room and it worked so she plugged washer cord into that outlet. Wallaah tha washer camed on. It was the outlet not the washer. So they cancelled the new set from being delivered and were back to using ours and the electrician is coming to look at the outlet.

And now beans can take thar tyme and get me a see thru lid washer later this year. Thar eggsyted ta see me get dizzy watching tha clothes…..Bladey

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Peter the possum

Our good furriend Peter the Possum came by last night.

He hanged out under tha deck. We have tha bricks jury rigged to block us from going under.

Riley knocked a brick out of his way and ran under and started and kept yelling at Peter. Peter wasn’t happy wiff that and hissed back.

Sissy went in and gotted a spray bottle ta spray riley thru tha slats and made tha rest of us go inside. Carlie stood at tha door hollering fur Riley ta come on in, it was cold out. Momma camed over to tha door and flipped tha light off outside. Sissy tiptoed to tha steps and Riley quit fussing at Peter, thought he was being left out, slipped out thru the steps and sissy snatched him up, put tha brick back in place and carried Riley inside.

Peter gotted left alone. All was well.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

i hafe gotten me a job. i now werk as tha baffrhum attendent here at tha howse. thats whut tha beans say at least. im always in tha baffrhum and i lyk ta sit on tha vanity. sissy asked me ta pump her sum soap yesterday. im a busy gurl. i now need ta werk on getting tips....kelly

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

oh its that tyme of year again. windows is back thrown open. a gurl can enjoy them again. ife missed this....Taylor

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

when i grow up i want to be a baffrhum attendent. im getting lots of practise now. who needs soap or perfume?? breaf mints?? i lyk ta hang owt in tha baffrhum. i get ta visit lots of tha kitties coming in and tha beans....kelly kelly