Saturday, January 26, 2013

sorry we hafent been arownd much. beans hafe been busy wiff me. as you can see im a conehead for a bit until my ear scars up enuff ta kwyt filling wiff blood.

and this past week molly holly scratched her neck up, scratched all the fur off. so beans are hafing us two in infirmy aka tha office.

and we is not tha most cooperative patients but wes enjoying being babied.....Piper

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Im a conehead. i had ta go back a couple times wiff my hematoma. thea furst time i died on the table and they pulled me out of anesthesia and so they didnt put stiches in. kept hafing ta go back, finally this last time they were able ta get 3 stictches in, but the ear can refill and beans hafe ta squeeze (sounds so gross) but they do it and i hate it. i hafe ta go back in monday and hafe another luksee wiff tha doc. they refuse ta ever put me under anesthesia again though. im trying ta rest but i sooooo hate my cone. i have figured out how ta eat and sleep with it though....piper

Thursday, January 10, 2013

im back home wiff a thick ear. tha vet couldnt give me stiches because i almost died on the table. i got a fast racing heart and they got me off anesthia quickly and just tape sealed the ear. the tape was off that afternoon. everyone was worried about me but i woke up good. im anemic due to my FIV+ status and the ear making me worry. vet said no more surgery for me. i camed home and even though beans wanted me ta stay put up and calm, i snuck out tha office and was trotting around Monday night. im eating really good, beans want me ta put some weight on. better then the other cats that need to loose weight. maybe i can find theirs....Piper

Sunday, January 06, 2013

mousey eared piper

Bloggers acting weird and wont let us upload from our picture folder. Heres a shot of me from the past.

Late Friday nyte I got a hematoma in my left ear. beans tuk me ta tha vet saturday morning were they gafe me a pain shot and anti inflammation shot and discussed me hafing surgery Monday mornin, the vet wont do surgery on tha weekend. when they checked my ears owt though, sissy held me, and i bite her, and held tha bite. sissy held me, but screeched out (loudly fur thawhole office ta hear, thru a shut door "oooohhhh sshhh" and caught herself in tyme ta watch her language).  when she pried her finger out, she had 3 cuts on that finger.

i tried ta type with tha vet on her keyboard, klimbt tha wall, beans had ta hold onto me after all that.

i must explain that when Taylor got sick last November (2012) I hafe been coming out of my shell and not bein all crazzzy, hiding. Ife been a normal cat girl. lifes werth living.

Beans thought this might make me crazzy but so far, im stayin out sill.

so sissys dropping me off in tha morning ta hafe me get a mousey ear.

hopefully ill come back home still normal, but wiff a mouse ear, and not go crazzy.

im just now furgifing tha beans fur taking me ta tha vet in 2009.....Piper