Tuesday, February 26, 2013

warm again

beans dune well and we had a new furnace installed today. we had ta be put up a little bit while a new thermostat was installed, beans luf it the old one moved around. but wes all warm again. and gud tyme too since its getting colder this week, and March is due to be colder then normal. im an old kitty and my bones cant take the cold. Saturday nyte before beans boughted the heaters, we all just bundled up in tha many throws. i was ryte thar bundled up and stayed in tha rhums with the heaters once they bought them....snowy

Monday, February 25, 2013

this is me showing off my khul sweater. we gotted to put them on because owr furnace died a gud death Friday nyte/saturday morning. it getted kinda cold. beans got a company out here saturday and reported it was gud and dead and dangerous to use. this morning beans tuk off and getted a company to come out. they should be here tomorrow (Tuesday) to put a whole new unit on. new heat and air. beans gotted heaters fur us to use until then. we bundling up in our many throw balnkets and sweaters. oh yeah and im on tha cat tower. seems lyk fun. i can see out the back bedrhum windows. why is it only fur cats....randy

Saturday, February 23, 2013

my side, my side of biting on Riley

i is tha gurl puppy here and these boys ruffhouse so much sometymes hours after they play, i just hafta do a sneak attack on tha boys. plus he was close to me. he was practically asking fur it if you asked me.

im a grouchy gurl who lyks ta boss tha boys around, i admit it.

but i contend he was sitting on tha some couch as me, so its his fawlt. and he milked it ur all its werth. hes a mommas boy. im a tuff tuff gurl....roxie

Sunday, February 17, 2013

i was bein a gud boy siitting in the lifing rhum on tha cowch, mindin my own when...roxie attacked me. me bit my muzzle before sissy cawt her and draggt her off me. i cried, cried so hard (ok no i didnt, but i whimpered) and went ta momma ta be babied and protected and coddled.....riley

Thursday, February 07, 2013


Piper went back to tha vet last Friday and gotted released. she got her cone off. she was so happy. shes back ta being a normal kitty. i scratched my neck up so im in infirmary (tha office). im hafing neosporian rubbed on my neck.

last night beans founded a little yorkie out running around scared. she was smaller then roxie. beans tracked a house that could have been hers but no one answered tha door. they had to run to the store so they ran her back to the house (the puppy said "what fresh level of Hell is this place" with us having 4 crazzzy dogs and 1 angel ((Jay)) and put her in the living room with the door shut. they cased the neighborhood when they got back (roxie said no other girl pups can live here). they went back to the house that no one answered at when a car got there. gurly pup was thrilled, it was her home. her mom had just gotten home and didnt even know she was gone yet. the mom had 2 young daughters and the dog got out with them. they were the ones that didnt answer. tha mom was thrilled ta get the pup, pup was thrilled ta be home and roxie was thrilled the gurl was gone.....molly holly