Saturday, November 30, 2013

My bff visit

Well we had a grate bisit wiff Charlie Brown. Hes grown up a little, still the same size but not as crazzzy. Riley didnt pout as badly as before and Carlie played wiff Charlie, Charlie had Carlie spinning by getting his feet. Charlie didnt get aftertha kitties as badly. We were so passed out Friday nyte tha beans kept watching ta make shure we were breathing. I had my tongue out I was sooo tuckered. We all chewed our Candy Cane bones from Wal-Mart and sent Charlie home wiff two. We all gotted new collars, even Charlie, since beans werent gonna gife us somefing and not him. He comes back in two weeks for 3 days. We are looking forward to it. ..Randy

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

grate....just grate

Momma told me that that ole Charlie Brown puppy (Randys BFF) is visiting fur Thanksgiving weekend. Well just great. My whole Thanksgiving is ruint. Ruint i say. I told momma Im taking my sleeping bag, a flashlight, sime comic books to read and my chewy and I'll be under tha deck until hes gone. Wake me Monday morning as you take him back.

Randys giddy with glee, hes in the living room floor, feet kickt our behind him writing his list of all tha fun things theyre gonna do.

Just slide my plate thru that step slates.

I maded sissy promise to take me to tha comic book store this weekend to stock up on comics.

Beans say they wont allow me to stay outside under tha deck. I have to be in and civil....Riley

Friday, November 15, 2013

they see me rolling

Beans alawys worry when i lay on tha end of mommas bed lyk this. They worry I's gonna fall off. I hafent yet and im 17. i lyk ta roll in my blue blanket, i lyk ta roll, period. i face this way, then that. then back to this way and the other. rollings good exercise. keeps a gurl in shape....salem

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Cat Fyte

Blade whupped a gurl last nyte. I was laying in tha dining rhum and blade flew from no where to attack me and we rolled and sissy camed flying and snatched him off me. He got two swats to his butt and a time out by himself in a rhum by himself. He got out after15 minutes and told to leave me alone. It was tha furst cat fyte here. Most time we just hissy ifin we get mad. No tellin why Blade attacked me, but beans told him to keep paws to himself....Raven