Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I'm a gud helper wiff chores. Here I am helping fold tha laundry....Randy

Monday, April 28, 2014

We just realized that we havent introduced tha newest household member, Tyson. He is a teenager that was found by sissy dads home, that would be mommas ex husband. Theyve been divorced about 31 years now. Tyson camed up over and over in tha winter and he told sissy who said "bring me that baby". He learned his name on tha ride home. Hes under 6 months old. He was hurt by a racoon when sissys dad called her. She took him to tha vet and thats when his cut was labeled infected and he gotted tha antibiotics. Hes a hot mess here. He loooves life (of course tha only other option  would be t hate it and who does that.). He looves to play and sometimes plays with pup Randy. He isnt scared of pups at all and thinks theyre nothing but big cats that get to go out but we dont. Hes just discovered windows and looves them.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sorry, our beans hafe been so o busy wiff me. Turns out i cut tha paws that were next to tha fridge (frnt and back paws) and they couldve gotten infected but tha beans made a priority to clean my feets twice daily and gife me antibiotics. i was so weak and tha beans coddled me and made me a bed up of towels and adored me. im a cats cat, nefur much cared for peeps but i could get used to being a baby.....Ivory

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Curiosity almost killed tha kat

Im starting to show signs of being older. Sometimes I cant see very well. When tha beans went ta work Wednesday morning I was out in tha rooms roaming around. But when momma camed home that afternoon, she didnt see me anywhere. She looked and looked. I normally am out waiting on a plate of food wiff tha other kitties. She was worried. Sissy came home later and momma told her i was missing. Sissy looked and looked because she can get down and really scour for us ifin we hide. Sissy knew i was here. sooo, she kept hearing a slight noise too and snowy was sitting in front of tha fridge (momma said later that he mustve been trying to tell her where i was) sissy looked in tha small space where tha fridge is next to the counter and saw a sliver of my ear. they gotted tha fridge out and grabbed me. Sissy ran me to tha baffrhum to look me over and i had a cut on my foot that was next to tha fridge, probably from trying to back out. She washed me off and dried me and applied peroxide to my cut. I was soooo thirsty and hungry. and then i took a nap. beans moved tha fridgeover a small bit and put a brrom in tha spot where i had headed back so it cant happen again.  

Sunday, April 06, 2014


We hadded an intruder last night. We live in a nice, quiet neighborhood, where the streetsroll up at 7. Buuut at 2:40ish last night I started raising heck ta go owtside. We do this all tha tyme and sissy traint herself ta sleep lyte so she can hear us. She woked up, tried ta ignore us and decided she couldnt. So we trotted to tha den door. Sissy flippt on tha deck lyte and stepped out with us, ta check and maked shure tha gate was shut, its an anxiety thing were she worries somone could open it in spite and we'd get away before she knew and also because we ran out hollaring. Sissy thought we'd cornered an animal, and ran ta save it (its happened before). What she saw was a man walking away from tha back of tha house and tha ladder was up against tha house. It was behind tha house where tha bedrooms are. Sissy flew back in and grabbed tha closet phone and hollared for tha momma while we had him and ran back out trying ta remember 911's phone #. Tha man gotted away, he mustve hopped tha fence. Tha police camed by and filled out a report and looked around. Beans went today and spent $40 on chains and locks to lock tha gate, beans no longer hafta check and they seceured tha ladders o it hasta be nlocked before it can be used.

Beans say theys sooo proud of us for alerting us. Jay slept thru tha scene until after tha police got here, but sissy said thats good, since hes tha oldest. He is tha most protective and vicious pup and couldve been hurt easier. We're all younger, carlies only 5ish and tha rest of us are one year down each (Rileys 4, Roxies 3 and I'm 2). Jays about 13.

We did good.

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Our beans saw this kitty cabana and said this would be perfect for us. Buuuut, alas, they didnt buy it.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014


Birdies are out tha window. 
Must get ta them....Shawn & Blade

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

aftermath of a Charlie Brown visit... exhausted puppies.....Riley