Monday, June 18, 2018

Hi all. Sorry weve been away,. Sissys gonna start doing her work remotly from home so weve been bus trying to track down a desk thats already assembled. Its been rough. Momma gott= a new computer cause her s is old but hers is still working. so as of before the desk beans had 3 computers back to back on one desk. So sissy hopes to start off 2 days a week at home, then all the time. Itll be great for us. Also beans are trying to move (we've lived here for 19 years). So weve all been packed up, yep even the kittys and trumped out to the cars to drive around during showings.  Weve gotten very comfy at this, except the young kittys. Tyson and Enzo loose their minds. Antonio too. We all sing and sing they whole time.We added a pic of sissys new desk. She got it off NextDoor from a neighbor for $80. Good deal and doesnt take up too much space...>Riley