Thursday, May 30, 2019

RIP Riley

Riley Lynn, the big personality of the family, life of the party, everyone's lover boy and alpha puppy passed away Tuesday 5/28/2018. He was born and found running the streets as Skipper in 2010. He "had" a family that didn't let him in or feed him so at a yard sale, people pushed him on the beans here. They (beans here) said our bog dog (Carl) would love him and yes he did. We brought Riley home, his hair was matted and he was filthy, and renamed him Riley, after the wrestler Alex Riley (we are all named after wrestler) and because he now had the life of Riley . He had to be groomed to get shots because you couldn't find any skin but couldn't get groomed until he had his shots. So beans cut his hair enough for shots then a grooming. He was good as beans cut him several times but he didn't fuss. He and Carlie loved each other and everyone loved Riley. Hes just the baby type of pup that loved to be carried and dressed up. His papillion nature made him a killer but he was efficient, he didn't make squirrels suffer, just two quick slams. He didn't eat any kill, just his nature to kill. Beans didn't let him do this but if he could he would. Riley was diagnosed with a stomach or pancreas cancer (vet wasn't certain) and was on meds since 2017. He took his meds good but hated his prescription dog food. Beans aren't sure if he was sick and died, if it was the cancer (vet said who knew how long he had) stress from getting groomed Saturday (he was weak after his grooming, Carlie was too but he bounced back) or that he got a frog. Its leaning to the frog with the symptoms and his nature and that we have frogs. He was weak and lethargic, The other pups are lost without their alpha. They all acted lost after JD passed away in November 2017 also.  RIP little fella.