Thursday, August 22, 2019

Alexa and Kevin

Hello. We are Kevin and Alexa. We were both rescued from different homes on the same day. I, Alexa am about as week older then Kevin. I was tossed in a ditch on a very busy road. An older lady found me and I was in her legs all the time and she was worried so I was re-homed here. Then, beans brought me home and ran to Walmart for some grocery's and met another older lady that had found Kevin. He was near death and separated from his momma way too early, found by himself. He was so young and week. Both ladies were in their 80s so we wouldve out lived them. So beans went by her house and got Kevin. We look so much alike. He learns life from me. He likes to lay in his bed from his first momma and need it and pant. Since a pup named Riley passed away before we moved in, he was the one to get kitties, we have made our way into the whole house quickly. We run all around.  The others were still in quarantine at our ages, waiting until they were bigger then Rileys mouth, to come out and mingle.